People need good service from a courier service company. They prefer to get the fastest delivery with full protection of their product. To get these facilities, one can rely on Delivery Tiger, the best and trusted courier service for e-commerce.

Value for money and reliability of service are considered as the most important points for customer satisfaction. But other factors like pick up and drop off locations, right time delivery, the booking process are also need to be considered. 

Qualities of a Best Courier Service 

A Reliable Courier Service

A reliable service encourages the customers to take their service again if the courier service can achieve their trust with their delivery. To keep the customers happy, a courier service must deliver their products with care. 

In this case, Delivery Tiger is the only courier service in Bangladesh for reliability and good packaging.

Due Time Delivery

A courier service that can safely and quickly transport the products to their destination is chosen more time than the other couriers. That’s why the timing of reaching a product is an important issue.

Delivery Tiger is delivering the products timely to their valuable customers since 2019. So the e-commerce sites can surely choose Delivery Tiger for in-time delivery.

Picking up and Dropping off a Parcel 

Pick up and drop off a parcel is a great issue for an e-commerce site and a customer. Nowadays many e-commerce sites are offering COD or cash on delivery service. For this, a courier service needs some trusted delivery person. The courier services generally offer flexible pick-up and drop-off options and locations. It includes leaving parcels at another retail store, address, or post office. This service helps a customer’s perceptions.

Delivery Tiger is ready to pick-up and drop-off parcels anywhere in the country. They safely delivered the products.

Booking Process of a Courier Service

Usually, a courier service’s website is available for taking online orders. Some courier service has also an app for booking their most recent service online. This is an opportunity for courier services to keep in touch with customers.

Delivery Tiger is one step ahead in this situation. They take bookings by both the app and their website for the quickest delivery. 

Good Packaging

Good packaging of a parcel is an essential thing. Any bad packaging can be harmful to a customer. It creates a bad rating.

Delivery Tiger is concern about the good packaging. They always try to send good packagings to their honorable customers to make them satisfied.

Solving Problems Quickly 

A courier service can provide their best service, but from time to time conditions can be wrong. A product can be lost, broken, or opened during the delivery. To avoid this type of situation, a courier service must be careful. But after taking all types of precautions, anything can go wrong. In this case, the courier service must take liability for the unavoidable situation. If any proper steps are not taken by the courier service, both e-commerce companies and customers would mark it negatively they would get bad reviews. The courier service would also fall into a great loss due to few orders. So courier services should handle this kind of situation with care and patience.

Delivery Tiger randomly meets this kind of unavoidable situation since they have been started their journey. But if any loss happens, Delivery Tiger earnestly solves the problem.

Analyzing all the qualities, it can be undoubtedly said that, Delivery Tiger is the best courier service in Bangladesh. Although started in 2019,  Delivery Tiger has become another name for trust and reliance and already win the heart of the customers. So choose Delivery Tiger for the quickest product delivery.